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Over the past fifteen years or so, Mr. Beada has represented me in various criminal defense matters, both state and federal and one in a foreign country. He obtained dismissals for me on the primary ones, against all odds.

Mr. Beada is really a dream come true when it comes to criminal defense attorneys (unfortunately, I have known or know of dozens). Mr. Beada truly cares about his clients, is deeply conscientious, and does whatever it takes to win for them -- those are qualities that, sadly, I have found that very few criminal defense attorneys possess. Most of them do not really care and essentially side with the prosecution to force you to take an unfavorable plea agreement, to save themselves work and effort. Mr. Beada does the opposite, truly caring and striving for his client, leaving no stone unturned. He knows when to take cases to trial, when to settle them (plea), and in both cases he will position a case for the best resolution possible.

In fact, I have never known a criminal defense attorney who is more sincere and conscientious than Mr. Beada, and the fact that he combines those qualities with his 32 years’ experience and knowledge (including his knowledge of the law, how the system works, and his personal familiarity with the judges and prosecutors), makes him the best of the best.

Because I have known Mr. Beada for so long, and so extensively through several cases, I know that you are simply not going to find a criminal defense attorney you will be as satisfied with as you will be with him.

The Best, Most Caring and Conscientious Criminal Defense Attorney Out There

Happy Client

Happy Client

Richard Beada helped us with my dad’s case in April 2013 he was taken in to custody and was facing 8 plus years plus get deported after completion of his sentence for a serious federal case. Thanks to Richard Beada his charges got dropped, and not only did he get released only 4 months later but he was not deported. Richard not only saved my dad but our whole family since we have him with us and not in another country. I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone and everyone. I can't thank him enough for everything he did for us.

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Richard Beada was above and beyond in his approach in helping me in my legal matter. He was professional, helpful in all areas of understanding the legal system. Never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed of my situation. Returned all my calls promptly and was on top of all the deadlines and always on time. He was great in court and gave me confidence in his approach to the legal system. The outcome was just and fair. He followed thru to the very end.

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Richard did a great job for me for my second offense DUI with an accident/hit and run. He got me the minimal sentence with community service and not cal trans! He also help me with my insurance company and dealt with them for me. He actually got the hit and run part dismissed, life saver!!!

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Richard helped me with a Federal case. He was extremely professional, informative, friendly, caring, compassionate, understanding. Always a phone call away when I had questions. I highly recommend him.

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I have worked with Mr. Beada in both federal and state matters with countless clients since 1999. Richard is nothing less than a gentleman and an outstanding attorney.

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Mr. Beada represented me in a matter related to my school. He helped me navigate through the court process and come to a resolution that did not impact my record. I could not be happier.

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